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About us

Jakes Place Holiday Park, is named after our German Short Haired Pointer Jake, who we loved dearly.

Jake was part of our life for 11 years. and kept us entertained on a daily basis.


Throughout our years with Jake we tried to take him wherever we went, unfortunately this was not everywhere.


We had a very difficult time trying to find a nice place for Jake to stay while we were away, he was on anxiety medication, he often injured himself due to stress. it just got to difficult to leave him.

From experience we know how dogs can become extremely distressed when parted from their family.


At Jakes Place we spend time with your dog, take your dog out and about, give plently of love, cuddes and pats. As you can see in the Photo Gallery.

We hope your dog enjoys his stay as much as our Jake loved to be here.......



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